How to recover files from a memory card with Raise Data Recovery

Losing holiday or wedding photos is a real nightmare for many of us. So, if you have ever faced (or are facing right now) a problem of pictures disappearing from a memory card of your camera or smartphone, or if you have ever deleted some important information from it, this tutorial might be very helpful

File systems of different devices and operating systems

Raise Data Recovery is a data restoring software with an intuitive interface and a basic set of instruments to recover files from flash memory cards, USB sticks, external hard drives and other data storage devices. This program can help you recover files from an SD, microSD, SDHC, CF, MMC or almost any other type of flash card you have. No matter if the information was deleted by mistake, disappeared because of accidental card formatting or was completely or partially lost as a result of a virus attack or a kind of logical failure.

But before we start, please have a look at a couple of rules you should follow when trying to restore data from a flash memory card, provided that you want to avoid the most common mistakes.

How to recover deleted pictures from a memory card

First of all, download Raise Data Recovery software and install it like you usually install programs on your PC. If you need a detailed step-by-step guide, please find it here.

Then prepare your flash memory card for data recovery: take it out of your device (smartphone, camera or other), insert it in a compatible card reader, and if you use an external card reading device, check whether its USB connection cable is properly attached (in case there’s any).

  • Connect your card reader (with a card in it) to the PC you’ve installed Raise Data Recovery on.

  • Run the program and find your drive among all available data storages at the Physical disks tab.


    If you can’t find it, please follow the steps of this article.

  • Click on it and then press the Continue button. Or just double click the necessary data storage to start the scanning.

  • Wait for the scanning to complete.


    Once it’s finished, you’ll see all the data found by the program: both the currently available files and the deleted ones that could be recovered.


  • Mark off the images, videos or other files you’d like to save and press the Recover selected button. In case you need a detailed guide on how to select, find, preview and save files in Raise Data Recovery, find it here.


  • Choose a target storage for your recovered files, press Start recovery and wait till the software saves them.


    The trial version lets you copy small files of up to 256 KB each. And if you need to save bigger files, please order a license. Please have a look at a detailed guide on how to choose and buy an appropriate Raise Data Recovery license.

  • Now unplug your memory card reader. It’s highly recommended to do it safely.

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