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The developer of Raise Data Recovery, SysDev Laboratories is a trusted vendor of data recovery software. Our specialists create highly efficient data recovery applications that meet the needs of both home users and technical experts. With these tools, do-it-yourself data recovery becomes smooth and accessible to everyone. Yet, having confronted a complicated case of data loss you cannot deal with, you can also reach out to our professional team, which is always ready to help you out with the biggest challenges. In addition, you are welcome to join us on social media channels, where we also reply to your inquires and keep you posted about the recent news.

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What’s more? Explore the variety of our software solutions!

Raise Data Recovery is a beginners-friendly application designed to save you costs and efforts in rescuing lost files. If you have higher requirements to your data recovery tools, check out more advanced products of SysDev Laboratories:

Recovery Explorer Universal software that effectively copes with many data loss issues and offers a broad data recovery toolkit that can be easily employed by both novices and experienced computer users.
UFS Explorer The first-rate assistant of data recovery engineers and other technical experts in cases of various complexities: from simple routine tasks complicated data loss challenges.
myCCTV Recovery A straightforward yet exceedingly efficient utility specialized in data recovery from CCTV systems and equipped for reconstruction of footages lost from surveillance devices of popular vendors.