What to do if Raise Data Recovery doesn’t show your device

When you run Raise Data Recovery, it automatically detects all available data storages that are connected to your PC internally and externally. If some device doesn’t show up in the program, first of all, try clicking on the Refresh drives option at the bottom of the window. This makes the software check all available storages one more time and update the list.

solving issue with drive not detected by raise data recovery program

However, if your USB-connected drive is still not there, try plugging it into a neighboring USB port. Then check the connected cable (if there is any): it should be properly attached both to the device and the PC and work correctly. And in case of a 3.5″ HDD, you should also verify if its power cable works. Additionally, make sure that it’s connected to the device and that its plug is inserted into a power socket. Finally, try connecting your drive to another computer.

On the other hand, if the undetected drive is an internal disk connected via a USB SATA or any other type of adapter, we suggest that you try connecting it directly to the motherboard using a SATA cable or in any other way (for instance, a M.2 drive can be plugged into the corresponding port right on the motherboard).

In case you use a memory card reading device, please make sure that it works and is fully compatible with your type of the card. Then check if the flash card is inserted into an appropriate slot. You may also try using another card reader.

And one more thing: check if the operating system of your computer is able to detect your drive. If you use Windows, make a right click on "Computer", select "Manage", click on "Storage" and then go to "Disk management". Or you can do it using the Run command: hit Windows key + R, then type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter key to get to "Disk management". Make sure that the undetectable drive is in the list.

If everything seems to be ok, but the storage is still not detected by Raise Data Recovery nor by the OS, most likely it’s damaged physically and you’d better contact a data recovery center as soon as possible.