How to get a license for Raise Data Recovery

When talking about Raise Data Recovery licenses, the first thing to mention is that anyone can get the trial version of this software absolutely for free. Just download the program from this website, install it on your PC and check if it can restore your lost or deleted data. As for the operating system of your computer, it doesn’t matter at all, as Raise Data Recovery is a cross-platform solution that can be installed on Windows, Linux and macOS.

With the free trial software you can recover an unlimited number of small files, each one of up to 256 KB. And if you need to restore bigger ones, you should order a license.

Since there are several types of Raise Data Recovery licenses, an inexperienced user might feel a little bit confused when choosing among them. So, to make it easy for anyone to find the best license option, the program has an integrated assistant (so-called Wizard) that automatically detects and suggests the most appropriate license type (or several types, if necessary), once you try to save a file that exceeds the trial version size limit.

popup warning about impossibility to copy some recovered data

Just hit Order this license and you’ll be directed to the matching license page.

However, if you'd like to make your own decision, open the Software license tab, click on Add license and then on Licensing options, and choose among all available variants.

license activation dialog in raise data recovery interface

Every license is dedicated for a specific group of file systems:

  • Windows Support: FAT/FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, ReFS;
  • macOS Support: HFS+ and APFS;
  • Linux Support: Ext2-Ext4, ReiserFS, UFS, JFS and XFS.

So, before buying it, please check its description and make sure that it supports the file system you need. The thing is that every license removes the trial version limitations only in relation to a specific set of file systems. In other words, it allows you to copy any number of recovered files of any size, provided that they belong to the covered file systems.

To activate a license, enter your name and registration code in the corresponding fields in the interface of the program. Please use the name you specified in the order form and your personal registration code that is automatically sent to the email you provided in your order, once the payment is confirmed.

All Raise Data Recovery licenses are perpetual. And you can update your licensed software for free during only 30 days after its purchase.

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