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Version: 10.8
Last updated: 16.07.2024
The product is licensed under the terms and conditions of the Raise Data Recovery License supplied with the software.

The software can be installed under Windows (XP Service Pack 3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11), macOS (version 10.15 and above), and Linux (Debian Linux 6.0 or compatible and above). The minimum systems requirements include a modern Intel-compatible processor (32-bit/64-bit), AMD64 (x86-64) or Apple Silicon M1 (Rosetta), at least 1 GB of RAM and 20 MB of free storage space.

Never install the software on the drive or partition you have lost your data from.

This will lead to irreversible data loss.

Raise Data Recovery change log

version 10.8
What's new in version 10.8:

* ReFS file system: added support of 'resident' files for both 'Access' and 'Scan' (small files stored in metadata with file systme format 3.14 or later);

* FAT/FAT32 scan:

  • Removed some 'junk' objects that can appear during 'indexing' stage of scan;
  • Added support of older SONY camera style file deletion (indication with zero instead of E5h byte);

* In embedded viewer: added support of PDF documents in 'version 2' format and fixed few PDF format-related issues;

* In raw recovery:

  • Added detection of PDF in format version 2;
  • Fixed bug that caused some PDF files to be classified by mistake as Adobe Illustrator (AI) files;
  • Added search for 'real' file size of PDF and AI documents (when possible).
version 10.7
What's new in version 10.7:

* On XFS file system: added support of 'long date' feature;

* FAT32 scan: fixed bug with folder structure reconstruction when there are multiple deleted files and file system indexing is enabled.

version 10.6
What's new in version 10.6:

* Fixed scan issue that caused incorrect file system sub-trees reconstruction on Linux/Unix file systems (EXT, XFS etc.).

version 10.5
What's new in version 10.5:

* ExFAT scan: addeed support of 'padding' directory records;

* NTFS:fixed issue with support of big files when DATA attribute is moved to ATTR_LIST but still has duplication of 'DATA tail' in main MFT record.

version 10.4
What's new in version 10.4:

* Fixed issue with support of sparse files created with EXT2/3-style inodes on EXT file system;

* UFS file system: fixed a couple of bugs with processing of directory scan (after 'sparse' deletion).

version 10.3
What's new in version 10.3:

* Access to NTFS volumes: Added support of Windows Overlay Filter (WOF) compression on files (both XPRESS and LZX);

* NTFS file system scan:

  • Added search and processing of WOF-compressed files in scan result;
  • Removed duplicate symbolic links;
  • Corrected algorithm of directory structure recovery for 'lost' files;

* ExFAT file system scan: added possibility to recover items from partially wiped folders.

version 10.2
What's new in version 10.2:

* XFS file system: added support of 'object type in directory entry' extended feature for XFS metadata version 2;

* UFS file system: added support of sparse files;

* In Explorer, introduced additional 'yellow' state for files found with 'raw recovery'.

version 10.1
What's new in version 10.1:

* Reworked support of ReFS file system.

version 10.0
What's new in version 10.0:

* Significant changes in the software licensing scheme:

  • The licensing options have been simplified to a single Personal License that covers all supported file systems and other storage technologies;
  • Added two variants of the software updates period to choose from: Short-Term Support (30 days of free updates) and Long-Term Support (360 days of free updates);

* Enhancements to the user interface:

  • Several optimizations in the program's GUI (Storages navigation area, Explorer, and other GUI elements);
  • Automatic adaptation to the system "dark mode" settings under Windows and macOS;

* Reworked scan procedure:

  • Added support for a "quick" scan of the available file system metadata to save time and memory;
  • Added an option to select the preferred scanning mode;
  • Added displaying of the approximate number of found files (categorized by file type);

* In the Explorer dialog for scan results:

  • Multiple scan result items have been consolidated to a single scan result that corresponds to the scanned source;
  • Added automatic sorting of the scan results to folders according to the file type (photos and pictures, documents, audio, video files and others).
version 9.18
What's new in version 9.18:

* Added displaying of the number of files in scan result folders;

* Disabled the indication of the folder metadata size (to avoid confusion with the size of contained files);

* Fixed issue displaying color progressive (one scan per component) JPEG images as greyscale.

version 9.17
What's new in version 9.17:

* Reworked file copying with replacement of 'unsafe symbols' (such as '/', '?' etc.):

  • Under Windows: unsupported symbols on a source file system are changed to special Unicode symbols (macOS-style) on a target;
  • Under Linux: all 'unsafe symbols', except '/' are now allowed;
  • Under macOS: all 'unsafe symbols', except '/' and ':' are now allowed;
  • When source file system contains macOS Unicode replacement symbols, they are changed to 'original' ones in the user interface;

* Minor fix to ReFS3 file system (to support a variation of metadata format);

* Fixed bug with EFS-encrypted files, recovered with full-disk scan stage;

* Fixed bug scanning volumes with compressed files on NTFS;

* Fixed bug processing extended attributes on XFS file system;

* Legacy HFS file system: now displayed and preserved file creation/modification dates.

version 9.16
What's new in version 9.16:

* Some rework of Explorer interface;

* EXT3/4 file systems:

  • Faster (optimized) processing of file system journal - by caching it to memory;
  • Faster 'open' for existing big EXT3-4 volumes;

* In embedded viewer:

  • Added several unsupported camera raw formats (and fixed couple of related bugs);
  • Significantly reduced number of access attempts to storage when defect block is detected.
version 9.15
What's new in version 9.15:

* Few corrections to FAT/FAT32 scan procedure (to support several previously unsupported metadata damages);

* Added support of several recent digital cameras (RAW formats) to embedded viewer.

version 9.14
What's new in version 9.14:

* HFS+ scan: better reconstruction of lost folder names from journal;

* ExFAT scan: removed duplicate 'green'/'yellow' file systems in result.

version 9.13
What's new in version 9.13:

* XFS file system scan: fixed couple of issues with save/resume scan and deleted file names recovery;

version 9.12
What's new in version 9.12:

* In the scan finalization GUI now added more detailed indication of currently running operations, including number of found files;

* Added support of empty folders in scan results (to recover folder structures without files);

* NTFS file system scan:

  • Added support of recovery of empty files, including files with only named data streams;
  • Added procedure of restoration of lost file placeholders when there is no file descriptor (only a reference from a directory index);

* EXT3/4 file systems:

  • Added support of empty folders and files of zero size in scan result;
  • Fixed few issues with processing of journal and file names recovery.
version 9.10
What's new in version 9.10:

* Update to FAT32 scan: better file system recovery when superblocks are lost AND FAT tables are damaged.

version 9.9
What's new in version 9.9:

* Fixed few bugs related to XFS file system scan;

* Updated HFS+ scan procedure to support file system recovery when main metadata locations are wiped.

version 9.8
What's new in version 9.8:

* NTFS file system: fixed issue with support of very fragmented files when the FileName attribute is outside of the main MFT entry;

* GUI related updates.

version 9.5
What's new in version 9.5:

* ExFAT scan: added processing of CheckDisk .CHK files (when possible), fixed few more issues;

* Raw recovery scan: found and fixed 'scan stuck' issue.

version 9.4
What's new in version 9.4:

* ExFAT scan: fixed issue with recognition of previous cluster size after format;

* F2FS file system: added support of 'extra attributes' flag.

version 9.3
What's new in version 9.3:

* Reworked FAT/FAT32 quick scan/indexing procedure for better support of damaged folders;

* In embedded file viewer:

  • - Added support of HEIC/HEIF photo format (Canon R5/R6, Apple products etc.);
  • - Added decoding of Fujifilm 14bit 'packed' RAF format (models X-A3, X-A7 etc.);
  • - Added decompression of Fujifilm compressed RAF format (models X-T2, X-T3, X-E3, X-H1 etc.);
  • - Defined configurations for many other raw photo formats.
version 9.2
What's new in version 9.2:

* Raw recovery and tool for re-assigning file extensions are extended with more types;

* Fujifilm RAW photos format (RAF):

  • - Added extraction of file size, camera 'model name' and 'date taken' in raw recovery;
  • - Fixed issue with file separation to 'preview' and 'tiff' when it is detected by content;

* MacOS HFS+ file system:

  • - Enhanced procedure of damaged file system reconstruction and deleted data recovery;
  • - Fixed issue with direct access to highly fragmented file system.
version 9.1
What's new in version 9.1:

* Added indication of folder capacity in scan result;

* Added indication of file status in scan result;

version 9.0
What's new in version 9.0:

* Support of hard links on NTFS, APFS, HFS+, Ext, F2FS, Reiser, UFS and XFS;

* Added automatic deduplication of duplicate hard links;

* Added support of duplicate file/folder hard links in scan result;

* APFS direct access:

  • File system state is now loaded using the latest generation of stored superblock;
  • Added support of file system snapshots, including 'local' and 'backup' Time Machine;
  • Loading of file set is postponed until it is first used (for performance reasons);

* APFS scan: better structure recovery and finding of lost snapshots in full scan;

* HFS+ scan: added support of hardlinks (including Time Machine);

* Preserving 'Hidden' and 'System' flags on copied files (Windows version);

* XFS scan: fixed few major bugs with structure recovery in full scan;

* Older ReFS (Windows Server 2012): fixed few bugs in scan procedure;

* ExFAT scan: support of 1MB clusters, fixed few issues.

version 8.17
What's new in version 8.17:

* ReFS support is extended with new version found on Windows Server 2022 preview;

* Fixed several bugs.

version 8.16
What's new in version 8.16:
version 8.15
What's new in version 8.15:

* ReFS: Support of symbolic links;

* Added quick detection of lost partitions at 'standard' offsets;

* Support of storages with physical sector size 1 and 2 KB.

version 8.14
What's new in version 8.14:

* Enabled access and lost data recovery from Windows Server ReFS.

version 8.12
What's new in version 8.12:

* NTFS: support of more scenarios for file information recovery from LogFile;

* FAT16: fixed problem with recognition of root folder in non-indexed full scan;

* ExFAT file system scan:

  • Processing of tails of overwritten folders (in full and quick (indexing) scans);
  • Result is filtered to remove junk objects that may appear from damaged folders;

* Fixed bug with file system structure recovery when intermediate folders are lost;

* Fixed read/quick scan of HFS+ with 'overflowed' fragmentation of Catalog File;

* Software version for macOS:

  • Adopted and optimized GUI to specifics of Big Sur (macOS 11);
  • Software optimization for better translation to ARM64 (Apple M1) via Rosetta.
version 8.11
What's new in version 8.11:

* Support of restoring extended file attributes from Windows/Linux/Mac;

* XFS file system: added support of multi-block directory clusters.

version 8.9
What's new in version 8.9:

* Added 'read' support of UDF file system;

* Restoring RWX 'owner' permissions under Linux and Mac.

version 8.8
What's new in version 8.8:

* NTFS file system:

  • Added procedure of files recovery using $LogFile content;
  • Blocked copying of non-synchronized files from OneDrive;

* Fixed bug with copying error when source to target is copied root to root.

version 8.7
What's new in version 8.7:

* ExFAT scan procedure:

  • Additional procedure for finding previous file system align after storage re-partitioning;
  • Reduced number of 'found file systems' with wrong align;

* NTFS: enabled direct file system access when DATA attribute is damaged;

* HFS+ file system:

  • Fixed few bugs preventing detection of several partitions during single scan;
  • Reduced memory use by better isolation of files between found file systems instances;

* Fixed several problems in software versions for macOS:

  • Fixed crash bug in copying procedure when popup dialog window have to appear;
  • Fixed rare bug causing dialog sheet to 'stuck';
  • Fixed problem of displaying some auxiliary UI captions;
  • Added software notarization for macOS version 10.14 and later.

* Modified handling of APFS metadata damage to show more structure when tree is damaged;

* Raw recovery:

  • 'Title' is now recovering as file name for .html and .wpl formats;
  • Added title and date extraction from ODT/ODS/ODP document files;
  • Fixed crash bug on invalid exe-file data.
version 8.6
What's new in version 8.6:

* Modified handling of APFS metadata damage to show more structure when tree is damaged;

* Raw recovery:

  • 'Title' is now recovering as file name for .html and .wpl formats;
  • Added title and date extraction from ODT/ODS/ODP document files;
  • Fixed crash bug on invalid exe-file data.
version 8.5
What's new in version 8.5:

* Reworked procedure of deleted files recovery from EXT3/EXT4 file systems;

* Updated format of 'scan status database' and 'virtual file system' files;

* Photo viewer adopted for new digital camera raw formats of:

  • CANON EOS-1D X Mark III, EOS 250D; Fuji GFX 100, X-Pro3, X100V, X-T4;
  • Nikon D780, Z5; Panasonic DC-G100, DC-TZ95, DC-G90, DC-G95, DC-GX880;
  • Sony DSC-RX100 VII, a7R IV, a6100, a9 II; Olympus TG-6 etc.
version 8.4
What's new in version 8.4:

* Raw recovery:

  • Added file name generation for .contact, .vcf, .fb2 files;
  • Recovery of name (Original/Internal) and build date from Windows executables;
  • Adjustment of file size for EXE/DLL/SYS files to match size of sections and signature;

* Speed-up of properties (preview) extraction for Windows executable files.

version 8.3
What's new in version 8.3:

* EXT file system: speed up of journal processing at completion stage;

* XFS file system: optimization of indexing procedure;

* APFS file system:

  • Added support of Apple extended attributes for direct access;
  • Added support of basic (resident) attributes in scan result;

* HFS+ file system:

  • Speed up of file system indexing;
  • Fixed bug reading extended attributes in direct access mode;

* Apple extended attributes and resource forks:

  • Support of saving them to NTFS/ReFS named data streams for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP);
  • Attribute storage in scan result was moved one level deeper in folder structure;

* Raw recovery: support of more types and several enhancements.

version 8.2
What's new in version 8.2:

* Rework of NTFS scan procedure:

  • In part of 'red' file systems - for memory use reduction;
  • Extraction of some missing file system structure elements from Log File (Journal);

* Fixed several bugs causing software crash;

* Enabled displaying of system/hidden files.

version 8.0
What's new in version 8.0:

* New installation options for macOS and Linux;

* Changes in the software licensing:

  • Removed limitations on saving the results of 'raw' recovery with the trial license;
  • The licensing options are reduced to three license types (Windows Support License, macOS Support License, Linux Support License);
  • Work with RAID (including Apple, mdadm, Windows dynamic disks, etc.) doesn't require a separate license;

* Added software events log;

* Expanded log on saving the scan results with more information about the saved files and saving errors;

* Added error notification for bad blocks on disks;

* Significant optimization of NTFS and HFS+ scan.

version 6.23
What's new in version 6.23:

* Fixed bugs in FAT recovery module:

  • Removed record attributes verification for Volume Name entry;
  • Fixed bug with reconstruction of fragmented files when second FAT table is damaged.

* Modified procedure of classification of found MFT entries from unlinked MFT chunks.

version 6.22.2
What's new in version 6.22.2:

* Fixed bug with FAT file system quick scan.

version 6.22.1
What's new in version 6.22.1:

* Optimization of HFS+ scan result set.

version 6.22
What's new in version 6.22:

* Optimized file systems detection procedure by number of read requests;

* Extended detection of certain file systems using backup copies of superblock.

version 6.21.3
What's new in version 6.21.3:

* Added Spanish software interface language;

* Fixed bug reading legacy HFS volumes;

* Added extra search for folder name entries for EXT file system;

* Update to PDF viewer: added support of buggy files with shifted xref table.

version 6.21.2
What's new in version 6.21.2:

* Support of NTFS storages with cluster size over 64KB.

version 6.21.1
What's new in version 6.21.1:

* Modifications to FAT/FAT32 scan procedure:

  • Fixed bug with file system indexing and zero-size files;
  • Better detection of deleted file entries with Asian/OEM encodings;
  • Enabled support of duplication of deleted entries when they are in different folders.

* Fixed issues with recovery of NTFS folder structure (when 'indexing' is available).

version 6.21
What's new in version 6.21:

* Major rework of NTFS scan procedure:

  • Added old/duplicated objects removal from scan result;
  • Better processing of lost files (with descriptors out of MFT);
  • Changed priorities of file names processing;
  • Fixed bug in folder structure recovery by INDX entries;
  • Fixed bug with scan resumption and calling Recycle Bin processing;
  • Added support of Recycle Bin indexes with version 2.

* Added Portuguese software interface language.

version 6.20.4
What's new in version 6.20.4:

* Added NTFS tail scan to file system indexing stage.

version 6.20.3
What's new in version 6.20.3:

* Reworked scan procedure for ExFAT (for better handling of deleted records).

version 6.20.2
What's new in version 6.20.2:

* Added support of "CLOUD" reparse points on NTFS (files from OneDrive etc.).

version 6.20.1
What's new in version 6.20.1:

* Fixed problem with ExFAT root folder validation during full-disk scan.

version 6.20
What's new in version 6.20:

* Reworked LVM module (adapted to LVM 2.2 with DM RAID);

* Update to embedded viewer.

version 6.19
What's new in version 6.19:

* Significant update to APFS file system scan procedure;

* Update to embedded viewer.

version 6.18.5
What's new in version 6.18.5:

* Better handling of APFS after unclean shutdown.

version 6.18.4
What's new in version 6.18.4:

* Fixed problem processing EXT directories with block size over 32KB.

version 6.18.2
What's new in version 6.18.2:

* Added few more formats for raw recovery procedure.

version 6.18.1
What's new in version 6.18.1:

* Added more formats for raw recovery procedure;

* Detection of valid size for TIFF/QTFF formats (TIF, NEF, CR2, MOV, MP4 etc.).

version 6.18
What's new in version 6.18:

* Updated data recovery procedure for exFAT file system

version 6.17.2
What's new in version 6.17.2:

* Few bugs fixed in scan result handling procedure

version 6.17.1
What's new in version 6.17.1:

* Fixed problem reading expanded EXT-formatted volumes (classic+meta GD);

* Fixed reading of large EXT folders after massive file deletion (when whole blocks are released).

version 6.16.3
version 6.16.2
What's new in version 6.16.2:

* Enhanced recovery quality from exFAT file system.

version 6.16.1
What's new in version 6.16.1:

* Fixed issue with reconstruction of damaged root folder on FAT32.

version 6.16
What's new in version 6.16:

* One more enhancement to NTFS file system reconstruction after scan;

* Significantly enhanced reconstruction of Apple APFS file system.

version 6.15.2
What's new in version 6.15.2:

* Enhanced structure reconstruction on NTFS file system after scan.

version 6.15.1
What's new in version 6.15.1:

* Added support of several new camera RAW formats (including new Canon CR3).

version 6.15
What's new in version 6.15:

* Fixed data recovery on FAT with zero file creation dates;

* Added thumbnail preview for certain video file formats.

version 6.14.3
What's new in version 6.14.3:

* Fixed problem with GPT partition recognition on 4K-block disks.

version 6.14.2
What's new in version 6.14.2:

* Byte-accurate recognition of file size for JPG and MTS formats with raw recovery;

* Excluded bad JPG files from result;

* Displaying of partially damaged progressive JPG files.

version 6.14.1
What's new in version 6.14.1:

* Fixed software bug that may happen when handling EXT file system with specific superblock damage.

version 6.14
What's new in version 6.14:

* Support of opening EXT file system with group descriptor damage.

version 6.13.2
What's new in version 6.13.2:

* Fixed support of Apple software RAID.

version 6.13.1
What's new in version 6.13.1:

* Fixed few issues with Apple APFS file system scan quality.

version 6.13
What's new in version 6.13:

* Mac File System Support is extended with Apple APFS file system.

version 6.12.2
What's new in version 6.12.2:

* Applied modification to FAT32 scan procedure (related to car DVR);

* Few minor bugs fixed (related to internal resources leak).

version 6.11
What's new in version 6.11:

* Enhanced raw recovery procedure for certain picture formats based on TIFF (including camera raw photos);

* Fixed some problems and extended support of camera raw photos by embedded viewer.

version 6.10.1
What's new in version 6.10.1:

* Option to skip file system scan to revise existing file system contents;

* Extended support of camera-raw formats by embedded viewer.

version 6.10
What's new in version 6.10:

* Support of HFS+ hardlinks in file system access mode.

* Fixed problem with expanded EXT4 (meta_bg).

version 6.9.5
What's new in version 6.9.5:

* Added support for PDF, EXE and some other formats in embedded viewer.

version 6.9.4
What's new in version 6.9.4:

* Fixed bug with memory overflow in certain scenarios when scanning Ext4 file system;

* Extended support of camera-raw formats by embedded viewer.

version 6.9.3
What's new in version 6.9.3:

* Extended support of camera-raw formats by embedded viewer.

version 6.9.2
What's new in version 6.9.2:

* Better damaged FAT/FAT32 recovery in certain scenarios.

version 6.9.1
What's new in version 6.9.1:

* Better deleted data reconstruction on XFS file system in certain scenarios.

version 6.9
What's new in version 6.9:

* Massive update to file type-based data recovery (raw recovery).

version 6.8.2
What's new in version 6.8.2:

* Extended supported formats by embedded image viewer (DICOM, Camera RAW);

* Scan result now defaults to "All files"

* Other minor updates.

version 6.8.1
What's new in version 6.8.1:

* Support of automatic connection to network shared folders under Windows 10;

* Better data recovery results under 'found by type' files;

* More photo formats supported by file viewer.

version 6.8
What's new in version 6.8:

* Separation of deleted and normal data in scan results;

* Rework of different elements of user interface;

* More informative and clear user interface with brighter and bigger fonts.

version 6.7.1
version 6.7.0
version 6.6.0
version 6.5.0
version 6.4.2
version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for NTFS

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for FAT/FAT32

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for XFS

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for HFS+

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for Ext2-Ext4

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for JFS

a discontinued software version

version 5.19.1
Raise Data Recovery for UFS/UFS2

a discontinued software version

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