Legal information

Company details

The Raise Data Recovery software covered in this user manual has been developed by SysDev Laboratories LLC. Please find the company details below.

Limited Liability Company SysDev Laboratories

Code of legal entity: 35951055

Central office:

28-V Druzhby Narodiv Blvd,

Kyiv, 01103, Ukraine


Terms of use

The Raise Data Recovery software is licensed, not sold. Thus, SysDev Laboratories LLC as the Legal Owner of the software only grants you a limited non-transferable right to install and use a copy of the software in compliance with the Software License Agreement. Please read the Software License Agreement provided with the program to get more information about the usage terms.

The Software License Agreement is a legally binding document. Any action with respect to the software, whether copying, installation, exploitation, etc. implies that you have read and understood the Agreement and accepted all the conditions set out in it. From the moment of its acceptance, the Agreement enters into legal force in Ukraine and in most other countries of the world. The violation of the Software License Agreement can be classified as a crime according to the Ukrainian copyright laws, other copyright laws and international treaties.

Only SysDev Laboratories LLC as the Legal Owner of the software, the software Author and authorized resellers are entitled to issue Registration Codes for the programs that are property of SysDev Laboratories LLC. Any form of an unauthorized use of a Registration Code is a violation of the Ukrainian and international copyright laws.

Any publication of a Registration Code by a License Owner or an unauthorized license transfer leads to the automatic termination of the Software License Agreement, without any prior notice from the Owner or a refund.

Licensing information

Trial (Evaluation) License – the Software can be used by a single person on any computer device under any of the supported operating systems for an unlimited period of time and for evaluation purposes only. A License Owner shall accept the technical limitations in the Software (Trial Limitations). With this license one can copy an unlimited number of files under 256 KB each recovered from linear and RAID storages irrespective of their file systems.

Personal License – the Software can be used by a single individual on personal computers, running one of the supported operating systems for non-profit purposes and for an unlimited period of time. The Personal license also permits the usage of the Software by a legal person on one corporate computer and only for non-commercial purposes. A License Owner is in no way authorized to provide any kind of "for-profit" services using the software.

The Personal License is perpetual, but it is provided with a limited-duration support period, during which the License Owner is entitled to receive updates for the Software.

Short-Term Support

With this license, one can use the Software indefinitely and obtain free updates for it during the period of 30 days.

Long-Term Support

With this license, one can use the Software indefinitely and obtain free updates for it during the period of 360 days.

A Personal License can be acquired by paying a respective License Fee.

After the License purchase, SysDev Laboratories authorizes it by issuing a Personal License Registration Code to a person's first and last name. This Code removes the Trial Limitations and identifies a License Owner as the only authorized user of the Software.

The Software Owner may also offer other types of licenses at his own discretion.

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