Activating a license

See how you can easily purchase and activate a license for Raise Data Recovery by following the prompts in the software interface. As another option, you may acquire any license directly from the Order page on this website. 

  1. In the process of working with Raise Data Recovery some files might not be saved due to the lack of necessary licenses. A license is required to copy files that are bigger than 256 KB from the file systems of Windows, Linux or macOS. The program itself will offer the license needed for your task at Step 4, on which you need to select a target storage for saving the selected recovered data. Please note that each license type defines the set of storage formats that can be processed using Raise Data Recovery without trial limitations, while the license itself can be applied under any supported operating system.

  2. Press Order this license (or Order these licenses) to proceed to purchasing.

  3. You will be redirected to the order webpage of the corresponding license. Press the Order license button to go ahead.

  4. Check out the license description, confirm your agreement to the licensing terms and press To checkout.

  5. This button will direct you to our reseller’s website where you can complete the purchase. Fill out the needed information by following the prompts to place your order and carry out a payment.

  6. Shortly after the payment is processed, you will receive a registration code for each purchased license via e-mail.

  7. Return to the Raise Data Recovery application and press Add license.

  8. Enter the name specified in your order and paste the copied registration code to the corresponding fields.

  9. Press Apply license.

  10. If you have purchased two or more licenses, repeat the activation steps for each of them. The list of all activated licenses will appear on the right panel.

  11. Now the recovered files can be copied and saved.

NOTE: Licenses can also be activated from the start tab of the program before the recovery process.