User Guide
Everything you need to know about data recovery with the Raise Data Recovery software

Thanks to Raise Data Recovery, restoring any file has become elementary even for novice users. This guide will give you an insight into different aspects of this process and teach you to easily cope with various data loss tasks even if you’ve never worked with data recovery software before. Here you can also find some helpful advice from experts in this realm that will help you to avoid those gross mistakes which may turn the whole procedure into a data disaster.

Activating a license

See how you can easily purchase and activate the license(s) for Raise Data Recovery following the prompts in the software interface.

  1. In the process of working with Raise Data Recovery some files might not be saved due to the lack of needed licenses. A General license is required to save files bigger than 256 KB and to enable activation of other licenses for working with Linux, macOS, XFS and RAID files. The program itself will offer the licenses needed for your recovery task.

  2. Press Order these licenses to proceed to purchasing.

  3. You will be redirected to our reseller’s website to make a purchase. Follow the prompts of the web page to complete the purchase.

  4. Shortly after the purchase is completed, you will receive a registration code for each purchased license via e-mail.

  5. Return to the Raise Data Recovery application and press Add licenses.

  6. Enter the name specified in your order and paste the copied registration code to the corresponding fields.

  7. Press Apply license.

  8. If you have purchased two or more licenses, repeat the activation steps for each of them. The list of all activated licenses will appear on the right panel.

  9. Now the recovered files can be copied and saved.

NOTE: Licenses can also be activated from the start tab of the program before the recovery process.