User Guide
Everything you need to know about data recovery with the Raise Data Recovery software

Thanks to Raise Data Recovery, restoring any file has become elementary even for novice users. This guide will give you an insight into different aspects of this process and teach you to easily cope with various data loss tasks even if you’ve never worked with data recovery software before. Here you can also find some helpful advice from experts in this realm that will help you to avoid those gross mistakes which may turn the whole procedure into a data disaster.

The basics of data recovery

In short, data recovery is a process of retrieving lost and deleted files.

Data recovery is possible when:

  • the lost data was not overwritten with some new data;

  • the lost data was not deleted with special data erasing software.

The basics of data recovery

Is data recovery safe?

Restoring lost data with Raise Data Recovery, you can be sure about complete safety. This program works in a read-only mode that makes the process absolutely safe. The software doesn’t make any modifications to the original data and rather makes a virtual reconstruction of the file system to find the data inside of it.

At the same time, when you work with physically damaged hard disk drives, it is recommended to make a disk image to avoid any further data loss and disk failure.

What are the data recovery chances?

Data recovery is based on the principle that no data disappears until it is overwritten. As each file system sets its own rules of managing data, the chances for successful data recovery depend greatly on the file system your storage is formatted with. Learn more about the chances of successful data recovery depending on a files system in this article.

Your actions immediately after data loss are important as well: if you do anything possible to prevent the storage from further writing, the chances to get a critical file back increase.

Please, note that new SSDs usually support the TRIM technology that speeds up writing, but makes recovery of lost files impossible. In order to increase data recovery chances from SSD, make sure to disable TRIM in the operating system.