Brief instructions to ordering

1. Download the software

2. Install Raise Data Recovery

3. Scan your storage

4. Select your Files

5. Buy offered License

6. Copy selected Files

Complete and comprehensive instructions to purchase

Program functions in trial mode are restricted only at the stage of data copying. Therefore, the necessity to buy a license may arise at Step 4 – selection of a target storage for data copying. At this stage, Raise Data Recovery detects your exact data recovery case and offers you the licenses applicable to your specific situation. This personalized approach will let you make a well thought purchase fitting your needs.

You may order the license for Raise Data Recovery from the very program following its recommendations. The information below is applicable to general, Short Term Support license.

License messages

If all necessary licenses are already active or if you have selected the files and each of them has the size of less than evaluation limit (256KB), the program does not require any license. Copying small files is possible in accordance with the terms and conditions of the trial license allowing you to evaluate the software performance.

If no license is required to copy large files or only small files are selected, Raise Data Recovery shows the following dialog for files copying:

No extra license requirements

1.  If your files selection cannot be processed due to lack of licenses, the software shows the license or the list of licenses you need in order to proceed with files copying:

Nothing can be copied

2.  If your file selection can be processed only partially due to lack of some licenses, the software is able to save only those files already covered by some active license or copying of which does not require any licenses:

Partial copying

How to buy and activate a license

Raise Data Recovery shows the list of required licenses for ordering. Your actions during purchasing license include:

1.  Press the Order this license or Order these licenses button.

2.  The program redirects you to web site of the software Seller. Complete order, following the instructions available on the Seller's web site.

3.  After a successful purchase, you receive a confirmation e-mail with one or more registration codes. Typically, a registration code consists of letters, numbers and dashes. For instance, a valid registration code may look as follows:


4.  Return to the program. It will show a licensing panel on the right. Otherwise, press "Software license" icon. Press Add license on the licensing panel:

Add license

5.  Activate the license entering your name and copying the registration code from the confirmation letter into corresponding fields and press Apply license:

Activate license

6.  In case of a successful license activation, you receive a notification, the license will be added to the list and the notification about lack of this license will disappear. If any problems with license activation arise, please make sure that you have copied the code correctly. Please also make sure you are starting software activation from General Software License.

Activated single license

7.  If you received more than one registration code, repeat the actions mentioned above for each of them. Doing so you don’t need to enter user name any more.

Add one more license

As soon as all required licenses are activated, as you can see it from the right information panel, all program messages requiring license activation disappear. Now you may proceed to complete copying of files:

Start copying