Intuitively clear user interface

  • Powerful top-level software with a simple wizard interface
  • Easy navigation on actively attached devices
  • Program hints to save you time and effort
  • One-click data recovery process

Professional-level quality
The software applies careful algorithms for source analysis and powerful search and recovery mechanisms similar to those used in professional series. At the same time, it does not require special technical knowledge or skills.

Simple wizard-style interface
This interface style makes software use intuitively clear. Additionally Raise Data Recovery gives you tips and guides in the total process of data recovery. You get your data back with no effort in one click.

Recovery from Windows, Linux, Mac
Raise Data Recovery includes software versions for all file system types of Windows, Linux and Mac. The software automatically selects data recovery methods for the purposes of your operating system and conveniently recovers lost information from your computer.

Basic support of RAID systems
The application also has an optional capability to recover lost files from RAID systems of various basic configurations. The software automatically reconstructs the structure of an undamaged RAID array to make it available for further files recovery.

Straight and clear data recovery process
Raise Data Recovery doesn’t require any extra user actions to start the process of data recovery. After you simply click on the button for storage scan, the program runs over the storage space delivering all found folders and the intact files contained inside the file system.

Support of localized file names
The program supports numerous variations for file names encodings. Raise Data Recovery allows setting non-standard encodings to cover the possibility of viewing file names in different languages.

Raise Data Recovery is applicable to many cases of logical data loss. The software helps to simply restore your files after an accidental pressing of the Shift-Delete button or file deletion from the recycle bin. Besides, it is able to retrieve lost information in more complicated situations including virus attacks or software malfunctions, system failures or even logical failures aggravated by hardware damages.

If a file does not open, if the operating system fails to find a disk partition, or even if your computer doesn’t boot, and if aliens came for some x-files and tried to cover up the tracks… Raise Data Recovery doesn’t think something strange happens there. It simply recovers files from a logical failure.

Take your time to think about accidents being not accidental, while Raise Data Recovery will be simply recovering your files after accidental file deletion worrilessly.

Nothing gives 100% protection when your computer is facing real dangers. Viruses attack suddenly and often knock it dead. Raise Data Recovery will recover your data even after severe virus strikes or software malfunctions.

Short circuits, fire, water or natural disasters are not a hopeless situation, if you can still find physical disks undamaged. Get them examined by Raise data Recovery. This software will bring your data back even after failures caused by hardware damages.

Raise Data Recovery is designated for retrieval of lost and accidentally deleted files from numerous data storage media. It will restore information from hard drives of your computer or laptop, an external USB-attached storage including memory cards, USB-sticks and external drives. It can also serve as a means to get your data back from a RAID system. With Raise Data Recovery you can be sure about complete safety of the recovery process, the highest recovery result and the minimum time you will spend for search of your lost data.

Lost photos recovery after flash card format
Moreover, Raise Data Recovery will let you retrieve lost information from removable USB-attached data storages of any kind.

How to connect SATA-disks to a PC
In cases when you don’t have enough slots to connect additional disks, you can always use USB – SATA/IDE adapters.

Trial, Anonimous License

Trial Anonymous (Evaluation) License grants you the right to install and use the Software in compliance with the End User License Agreement on personal computer devices, running any of the supported operating systems for unlimited period.

The only trial limit is that the software will not allow copying any file with the size over 256 KB. We are not limiting other software functions for software evaluation purposes.

Moreover, if you only want to recover small files (with size below 256 KB), you are not obligated to switch to Personal License.

Personal, Named License

The Software Personal, Named License enables a private person to start using the Software without trial limits in compliance with the End User License Agreement. The use of software is allowed on personal computer devices running any of the supported operating systems for unlimited period.

Additionally, the Personal, Named License ensures receiving Software updates for period mentioned in the License Agreement.

The Raise Data Recovery software consists of several modules and some of these modules may require separate Licenses. The Software automatically detects which modules shall be used in a particular situation and enables these modules on demand.