How to use Raise Data Recovery

Raise Data Recovery in operation

Raise Data Recovery is created for retrieval of lost and accidentally deleted files from hard drives of your computer or laptop, an external USB-attached storage, memory cards, USB-sticks and external drives. It also serves as a means to get your data back from a RAID system. With Raise Data Recovery you are sure about complete safety of the recovery process, the highest recovery result and the minimum time for searching for your lost data.

Recovery of lost photos after a card formatting

Recovery of lost photos after a card formatting Raise Data Recovery lets you retrieve lost information from removable USB-attached data storages of any kind. With the program, you can get your files back from a flash drive, external hard drive or memory card of a portable device in a few clicks.

How to connect SATA-disks to a PC using USB – SATA/IDE adapter

In cases when you can’t get inside your PC because of the warranty, for example, or you simply don’t have enough slots to connect additional disks, you can always use USB – SATA/IDE adapters.

About Raise Data Recovery licensing and activation

Now you have downloaded and installed the software and you are fairly satisfied with the quality of its performance. It’s quite possible that most of files you would like to recover are much more than 256KB in size (trial limit). Therefore, you need to purchase and activate a license, which can be bought from the program only. This is much convenient and less confusing than buying the license from the web site because the program detects all the license modules you may need for your data recovery case. No need to get into all peculiarities of file systems and methods of data storing. The software offers buying only the licenses necessary for the exact case. If needed, you may always buy some lacking module later.