File systems of different devices and OS

File system determines the format of your device and serves as the means for allocating, storing and managing the data. File system is responsible for the way of storing and manipulating your files at the lowest level. File systems depend on the operating system and can be typical for certain storage devices.

Starting data recovery, it’s advisable to know the file system on the data storage medium. With this understanding, you get a more profound view of repairing files and how finding the proper data recovery software.

Storage devices

Although file systems are flexible in terms of the storage to work on, typically a file system is chosen on the principles of appropriateness. Thus, you can still define the file system by a storage device.

USB flash drives and memory cards usually operate FAT or exFAT. This file system is compatible with a variety of operating systems. For this reason, you can use your USB flash drive or a memory card on any computer.

NTFS, HFS, Ext2-4 are very typical for personal computers and workstations. These file systems work isolatedly without recognizing the counterparts.

Most of NAS storages are based on XFS, Ext2-4 file systems, Btrfs or ReiserFS. They are considered to be the most appropriate for home servers due to their design, while XFS, for instance, is a perfect choice for medium and large files and, finally, ReiserFS gives maximum speed. File systems in NAS devices are normally hidden and are shown as network folders via special network protocols.

Operating systems

As defining a file system by its storage is very general and respective, the operating system gives you a correct assumption. File systems are related to its operating system installed onto the storage. While file systems normally serve different purposes, an operating system may offer you more than one file system variant.

Windows OS

Mac OS

Based on HFS or HFS+.


It has a handful of file systems to meet your every need. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.