What's new in Raise Data Recovery?

Version 5


Version 6


Separate product for each file system

Several file systems in one product

A separate program had to be installed for each separate file system, and it wasn’t always clear if the right software version had been installed. Now the errors of choice are excluded because all the file systems available for recovery are supported with the same product and they are accessed through activation of a corresponding license.

The program is available in 32-bit version only
Support of 32-bit and 64-bit versions

The new software version has made available a 64-bit application that does not have a former limitation to the maximum capacity of RAM at 2GB. This allows working with file systems of a large size.


Hard technical interface

Simple intuitively-clear step-by-step interface

A Wizard-style step-by-step interface for users of any level of preparation came to replace the technically oriented interface with lots of buttons and settings that sometimes were hard to understand without the user manual.


Separate scan for each task

Single scan for all cases

Do you know what has happened to your data? Is it a plain deletion or a logical failure on a partition with your data has occurred or maybe you have to bring your data back after change in the partitions structure? In the new software version you don’t need to choose which exact software function must be used, single scan will be enough thanks to an improved file system analysis.

IntelliRAW 2.0

IntelliRAW 3.0

IntelliRAW 3.0 is an improved set of rules and structures descriptions for raw data recovery. This is a highly practical instrument for the cases when the information about the data, which is stored by the very file system, is destroyed or no longer available.

Optional manual assembly of a RAID-array

Automatic assembly of a functioning RAID

Due to an additional plug-in for RAID assembly, program version 5 used to allow a manual adjusting of the parameters for data recovery from RAID. The new version assembles a non-damaged RAID-array, what significantly simplifies the data recovery process. At the same time, a recovery of damaged RAID is carried out by the UFS Explorer products.

Data recovery form disk images is supported

Data recovery from disk images is not supported

Raise Data Recovery is designed rather for an average home user and this option of data recovery from disk images was only left in the professional products line – UFS Explorer.


Files preview in a hexadecimal previewer only

A fully-functional advanced files previewer

The best method to make sure that the program has recovered everything you needed is to preview the file. Program version 6 provides this opportunity for files of various formats unlike the previous one where files preview was available in hexviewer only.